Introducing Flite Soccer

What is Flite Soccer?

Flite soccer is the product of a year long search for perfection. It started with the end goal of finding a good street soccer ball to supply players with and has ended with finding one of the best made match footballs you will ever find.

Where did the name Flite come from?

The name of the brand came to be after the initial construction of our first prototype ball.  While testing, players and coaches consistently commented on the actual flight of the ball, how smooth and accurate it was (because of the weight and 4 inner layers) and after hearing that over and over, it only made sense to name the brand after it’s most notable quality.

Why Flite Soccer?

Flite soccer exists so that players, coaches and programs that desire to play and train at the next level, but do not necessarily have the budget, can.  As current and past players, we all know what it is like to play with quality equipment. The ball is especially important to a player and our mission as a company is to provide players with that “divine” experience without asking them to go broke doing it.

How is Flite Soccer able to do this?

Like was stated earlier, we spent almost a year trying to find the perfect product. We tested tons of footballs, manufacturers and types of materials and were very pleased with our final product and we know you will be too.

Who uses Flite Soccer?

Flite soccer is currently manufacturing special edition match balls for SDSU’s Club soccer program (men’s and women’s). We have been asked to supply a number of high schools and potentially a few community colleges in the San Diego area.

At Flite Soccer we understand the need for proper training equipment that is affordable and so do our customers. Please help us flood the training fields and market with quality footballs for all by sharing this article and putting good flight into your game.

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